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Portable power station 300w produced by Pytes: powerful energy storage, multiple charging methods, comprehensive protection system

Aug. 2023

With the increasing demand for electricity in modern life, our need for portable power stations is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of users, Pytes company has launched a powerful, safe and reliable portable power station. This portable power station called Ecox 3 has a capacity of 231Wh, providing you with long-lasting and reliable power support.

portable power station 300w

Let's take a look at the basic parameters of this portable power station

Ecox 3 uses a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 231Wh, enough to meet your daily power needs. It is equipped with a pure sine wave AC socket with an output power up to 300W for you to connect various household appliances. Additionally, it boasts a Type C PD 3.0 port with 60W of power, and two USB-A QC 3.0 ports to simultaneously charge your phone, tablet, and other USB devices. In addition, it also has a 48W DC input port and a 12V/10A car charging port, which is convenient for you to use outdoors or charge in your vehicle.

In addition to multiple charging methods, Ecox 3 also has excellent safety features

It adopts a 7-fold battery safety management system to ensure the safe operation of the battery. In addition, it also has a V-0 grade fire cover, which effectively prevents fire risks. On the LED panel, you can see the remaining capacity of the battery, which is convenient for you to grasp the power usage.

Ecox 3 also has the feature of light and portable - portable power station 300w

It measures 7.6 inches x 5.6 inches x 5.8 inches and weighs just 6.08 pounds. This makes it ideal to take to outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or field photography. No matter where you are, Ecox 3 can provide you with reliable power supply.

Finally, there is an added bonus of buying this portable power station 300w

As long as you complete the warranty registration, you will get an additional 1 year warranty. This further guarantees the value and quality of your purchase.

Pytes is a manufacturer of portable power station 300w, and Ecox 3 is a powerful, safe and reliable power solution. Whether at home, outdoor activities or travel, it can provide you with long-lasting and reliable power support. Register your warranty today for extra warranty coverage and fast delivery from Pytes' California, Texas, or Washington warehouses. Choose Ecox 3 and let your power needs be perfectly met!