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The best energy storage system in Poland in 2023

Dec. 2023

When I started working on the project, I knew that it would not be another standard energy storage system. Almost a year ago, we started the implementation process by coming up with a concept and a place to install all the equipment. A special shelter was built for this purpose, with three parking spaces and an EV charging station. Ultimately, the shelter was not to be thermally insulated and heated, so there was another problem to solve - how to protect the energy storage facility from operating at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, which occur in our region for at least 4 months of the year. For this purpose, we have designed a special cabinet, isolated from the external environment, with its own heating and air conditioning. This solution allowed us to protect the system against temperatures drops and rises, dust and other environmental factors.


The emergency power supply and energy storage system was intended to work with an existing photovoltaic system with a capacity of nearly 40 kWP, which was built a few years ago by another installation company. We have been observing the operation of the PV system for two years and have shown its owner that it is very inefficient. It was full of technical errors that limited its effectiveness. During the construction of ESS, we also took up the challenge of building a photovoltaic installation completely from scratch. We dismantled all PV modules, cabling and mounting system.


We redesigned the module layout and used the roof of the newly built shelter to use the full efficiency of the modules that the client had. The first weeks of operation of the new PV installation showed that we improved its efficiency by approximately 30%, which provides greater savings for our client and more effective use of solar energy. During the reconstruction of the system, we also decided to remove the Fronius Symo photovoltaic inverters from the server room and install them in a new shelter. This allowed us to lower the temperature in the server room and completely eliminate DC cables from inside the building.
To ensure uninterrupted operation of the system, we installed three Victron Energy Quattro 15000VA inverters, one for each phase, and Pytes battery modules with a capacity of 5.12 kWh each. By combining 16 modules, we created an energy storage facility with a total capacity of 81.9 kWh. The system is also equipped with the latest model of Victron Energy EV charger.


In the process of selecting equipment and ultimately programming the system, the help of Michał Pobłocki from Globtechnic Sp. z o. o. was invaluable.
As a result of our efforts, we now have a system that is highly functional. It consists of two EV chargers, an energy storage facility and a photovoltaic installation. Intelligent energy management allows our client to maximize system efficiency and increases the level of autonomy.
Smart energy managment, both from the battery storage and from the photovoltaic system, eliminates the possibility of a blackout.


Modern technology and art usually go hand in hand. The renewable energy systems we build are a perfect example of this - not only do they serve a purpose, but they are also visually appealing, reminiscent of the complex structures of modern art. That's why we decided to submit our system to the competition organized by Fronius International and Fronius Poland. At the beginning of November 2023, the installation was assessed by a committee that arrived at the site of the system installation. The Director of the Fronius Polska Solar Energy Division together with the Technical Support Team Leader verified the quality and correctness of installation of the entire energy storage system installation along with the photovoltaic system. 

On November 23, 2023, at the Fronius System Partners conference, the results of the competition for the best photovoltaic systems were announced. During the awards ceremony, it turned out that our work was appreciated at the highest level and we won the first prize for the Best Photovoltaic Installation with Energy Management System in Poland. It is a huge distinction, but above all a confirmation that our hard work, innovative ideas and passion that we put into every stage of creating our systems bring measurable results.


Patrycjusz Kopacz - CEO & Founder at and CTO at Ekosun sp. z o.o.