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Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Jul. 2023

What comes to mind when you mention an abandoned swimming pool?

Neglected. Desolate. Derelict. Filthy. Overgrown. Empty…


However, in the city of Oberlahr, Germany, there is a once-abandoned swimming pool that is now experiencing a remarkable revival, shining brightly once again.

 Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

It used to be a government-owned and publicly accessible swimming facility, with a history of over 40 years and fond memories of joy and laughter, carrying the echoes of many happy moments. However, the passage of time gradually dimmed its glory, and it ceased to be the gathering place for joyous occasions. With the closure of the pool and its prolonged inactivity, the overall condition of the facility deteriorated significantly, reaching a point where no one was willing to take it over.

 Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Time to 2010, when everything seemed bleak and devoid of light, Mr. Flammersfeld saw the potential and opportunity in that abandoned swimming pool. He realized that transforming this derelict pool into a solar power station could not only provide clean energy to the local residents but also effectively utilize the space, injecting new vitality into this wasted resource. Driven by his love for the pool, which held cherished memories, as well as his passion and belief in environmental sustainability, Mr. Flammersfeld made the decision to turn this neglected land into a photovoltaic power plant, once again illuminating the once-dim place.


With great determination, Mr. Flammersfeld purchased the land at a significantly low price and devised a detailed plan. Despite the innovative and sustainable nature of his plan, it faced considerable challenges and skepticism initially due to financial constraints and a lack of manpower. Undeterred, Mr. Flammersfeld hired a gardener specifically to help maintain the land, clearing debris, repairing buildings and infrastructure, ensuring the site could accommodate all the photovoltaic generation equipment. Next, he acquired around 1000 solar panels along with several Siemens SINVERT inverters and proceeded with the installation of the power generation equipment. This installation process required compliance with local regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. It was a demanding process, consuming a significant amount of Mr. Flammersfeld's time and energy in communication and application processes with governmental agencies. Fortunately, he eventually obtained the approvals needed. Without the funds to hire a professional technical team, Mr. Flammersfeld and his son took on all the installation work themselves. Day and night, they worked tirelessly at the pool, collaborating to tackle any technical challenges, brainstorming, experimenting, and finding solutions. With their unwavering efforts, this complex and time-consuming task, seemingly impossible, was completed in just four weeks, thanks to their exceptional hands-on skills. When all the installation work was finished, their hard work paid off, and the solar panels shone brightly under the sun, radiating vibrant energy.

 Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Thus, this solar farm was officially born. When the Pytes team visited, they were astonished by the sight of rows upon rows of neatly arranged solar panels, each one sparkling like a dazzling gem. Mr. Flammersfeld informed the Pytes team that the solar farm is now a fully grid-connected system, with a 20-year contract signed with the grid operator, stipulating a selling price of 0.25 euros per kilowatt-hour. All the electricity generated by the solar panels is sold to the grid. Mr. Flammersfeld opened the Solarman app on his phone and displayed the income he could earn, which amounted to approximately 300+ euros per day.


In fact, in Mr. Flammersfeld's swimming pool renovation plan, in addition to the large-scale photovoltaic power plant, he also plans to install a small photovoltaic energy storage system on his roof to provide power for his family and business. Although the scale is much smaller, the installation and design of this small system also faces certain difficulties.

 Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Faced with a series of problems such as the choice of installation location, whether the energy storage system can meet the needs of the family, electrical wiring and connection, physical and technical difficulties, Mr. Flammersfeld finally wisely chose to cooperate with local energy solution provider IVG Energy Solutions GmbH and energy storage battery expert Shanghai Pytes Energy Co., Ltd. to ensure that the installation and configuration of small energy storage systems are in the best condition and provide reliable and safe electricity.


Partnering with IVG means that Mr. Flammersfeld can rely on their professional team with extensive experience in the installation of photovoltaic and energy storage systems. On the other hand, Pytes, as a lithium battery expert, would provide the most advanced energy storage technology and equipment. Together, they assessed the electricity demand of Mr. Flammersfeld's family, and selected the appropriate lithium battery and energy storage system according to its load characteristics.


For this energy storage system, IVG once again chooses Pytes' trusted leading product E-Box 48100R as the most critical battery part. E-Box 48100R is an advanced LFP battery that provides safer and more efficient energy storage. It is compatible with all leading inverters and widely applied in home applications, small commercial and industrial energy storage system as well as Telecom stations. The system integrates eight Pytes E-Box 48100R batteries and three Deye 10kW three-phase inverters. In this three-phase system, the inverter is hung on the wall and connected to the batteries, with a total output capacity of 30kW. By connecting 8 lithium iron phosphate batteries in parallel to form a battery stack and place them neatly in the R Bracket, an energy storage system with a total energy of 40kWh is formed, which makes installation more convenient and reduces installation costs.

 Rebirth of An Abandoned Swimming Pool - Innovative Use of Solar Panels and Energy Storage

This energy storage system operates in a highly innovative manner, with distinct scenarios for summer and winter. During the summer, when sunlight is abundant, the 23 kWp solar panels are connected to the system. Throughout the day, the solar panels generate electricity from the sun, meeting the household's power demands while also charging the battery storage system. Any excess electricity generated can be sold back to the grid, with the selling price varying based on the market rates of the day. Reviewing the data on his mobile phone, Mr. Flammersfeld informs the Pytes team, "Yesterday (June 6th), the system generated approximately 180 kWh of electricity, with 75 kWh being sold to the grid, earning us 5.6 euros." This implies that the selling price for electricity on June 6th was around 0.075 euros per kWh. Mr. Flammersfeld added: "every morning, there is still 30% to 40% of electricity stored in the battery, ensuring a reliable backup power supply.


However, during the winter season, the solar panels on the roof cannot generate enough electricity to meet the household load due to reduced sunlight. Furthermore, when the temperature drops to -3 degrees Celsius or lower, the heat pump, which is typically used for hot water tank heating, cannot operate properly, necessitating the use of gas and electricity to heat the hot water tank for meeting the hot water demand. To address the issue of insufficient power supply during winter, Mr. Flammersfeld implemented an innovative solution, easily meeting the household's electricity needs. Not only that, through the combination of new energy systems such as solar panels, inverters and batteries, Mr. Flammersfeld’s gas consumption in winter has been greatly reduced by 50%. Through this innovative approach, Mr. Flammersfeld effectively resolved the issue of inadequate power supply during winter while reducing operational costs and minimizing the consumption of non-renewable energy sources, thereby contributing to environmental protection.


That is to say, from March to October, the electricity consumption of Mr. Flammersfeld's family and company comes entirely from the photovoltaic power on the roof. During the visit, the Pytes team could clearly feel that Mr. Flammersfeld is very proud of his project and this innovative operation. This innovative operation of the energy storage system enables self-sufficient power supply and offers flexible adjustments and optimization of energy usage in different seasons and conditions. By harnessing solar generation, energy storage systems, and adjusting PV panel connectivity, it provides an efficient and reliable energy solution that yields substantial economic and environmental benefits.


Mr. Flammersfeld's unwavering dedication led him to undertake the arduous task of revitalizing a disregarded and undesirable location. Through his tireless efforts, he repaired a place that no one wanted with his hard work, turned waste into treasure, and transformed it into a new energy base. Not only is electricity self-sufficient, but it can also contributed to environmental well-being and the welfare of others. This is a typical successful case of ordinary people doing their best to live a better life, and it is also a typical case of ordinary people doing their best to contribute to the energy transition. His determination and commitment inspire others to explore the untapped possibilities of renewable energy and embrace a more sustainable way of living. By sharing his experiences, he empowers business owners and homeowners alike to join the energy transition movement and actively contribute to a greener future. In essence, Mr. Flammersfeld's journey serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for individuals to follow their passions, overcome obstacles, and work towards creating a more sustainable and prosperous world. His story encourages us to pursue our goals, make a difference, and contribute to a more sustainable future. It tells, passion leads to success!