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Outdoor solar battery cabinet installation guide

Apr. 2024

R-BOX-OC, an outdoor solar battery cabinet specially designed for outdoor environments. Whether you're at a remote campground, country home or off-grid commercial facility, R-BOX-OC can provide you with reliable, long-lasting power support. To ensure you get the most out of this product, we have put together an outdoor solar battery cabinet installation guide for you.

outdoor battery cabinet

Site selection:

Choosing the appropriate installation location is key to ensuring the performance of your outdoor solar battery cabinet. First, you need to find a location that receives enough sunlight and is easy to maintain. Taking into account the outdoor weather-resistant design of R-BOX-OC, it can be installed on the roof, the ground or a special bracket. Make sure the site is away from the shadow of trees and buildings and will not be disturbed by animals.

Installation steps:

1. Check the components: Before starting the installation, check whether all components are complete, including battery cabinet, brackets, connecting wires and fixings.

2. Assemble the bracket: According to the installation manual of R-BOX-OC, assemble or install the bracket. Make sure the bracket is stable and can bear the weight of the battery cabinet.

3. Place the battery cabinet: Place the R-BOX-OC on the stand and secure it firmly in place using the provided fixings.

4. Connect the wiring: Follow the instructions in the manual to connect the battery cabinet to the solar panel and load (such as lights or electrical appliances). Make sure all connections comply with electrical safety standards.

5. System test: After completing all connections, perform a system test to ensure that the battery cabinet is working properly. Check for any visible damage or defects and make sure everything is functioning as expected.


1. During installation, always follow all applicable safety guidelines and local code requirements.

2. Please make sure to install and store R-BOX-OC in a dry, moisture-free environment to prevent electrical components from getting damp.

3. Regularly check the status of the battery cabinet, including cleaning the solar panels and checking the integrity of the connecting wires.

4. If you are not familiar with electrical work, be sure to seek professional help for installation and maintenance.