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Pytes V-BOX-OC floor mounted battery: supports outdoor installation

Jan. 2024

With the rapid development of renewable energy, the demand for high-capacity batteries for outdoor use is also growing. To meet this demand, Pytes recently launched a floor mounted battery that supports outdoor use - V-BOX-OC. Each unit has a total usable energy capacity of up to 20kWh, and up to four units can be connected in parallel for a total energy capacity of up to 80kWh.

V-BOX-OC floor mounted battery

floor mounted batteryfloor mounted battery

V-BOX-OC floor mounted battery is the latest innovative product from Pytes, aiming to provide reliable energy storage solutions for outdoor environments. Whether it is outdoor activities, open-air exhibitions, field work or emergency situations, V-BOX-OC can provide users with long-lasting and stable power support.

This floor mounted battery is designed with the special needs of the outdoor environment in mind. It features a rugged casing that can withstand harsh weather conditions and external impacts. Whether it’s extreme heat, cold or harsh weather conditions, V-BOX-OC can operate normally, ensuring users always have a reliable energy supply.

Another highlight of the V-BOX-OC floor mounted battery is its high-capacity energy storage capability. The 20kWh energy capacity of each unit is sufficient for most outdoor activities, while up to 4 units can be connected in parallel for a total energy capacity of 80kWh to provide power for longer periods of time. Whether it is outdoor audio equipment, lighting systems or mobile communication equipment, V-BOX-OC can provide reliable energy supply.

In addition, the V-BOX-OC floor mounted battery is flexible and scalable. Users can select the number of units connected in parallel according to actual needs to meet energy needs in different scenarios. At the same time, V-BOX-OC also supports connection with renewable energy equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines to achieve a more sustainable energy supply.

Pytes has been committed to developing innovative energy storage solutions. Our battery products are known for their high quality, reliability and excellent performance, and have been trusted and praised by users.