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Why more and more people recommend lithium rv battery?

Aug. 2023

In the field of RV, more and more people began to recommend lithium rv battery. Here are some reasons:

lithium rv battery

1. More usable capacity:

Unlike lead-acid batteries, which are rarely discharged more than 50%, lithium batteries can be regularly discharged to 80% or more of their rated capacity. For example, a 100Ah battery, if it's a lead acid battery, you can only get 30-50Ah, but with a lithium rv battery 100Ah, you can use 80Ah or more. It's about double that of an equivalently rated lithium battery pack, like with AGM batteries.

2. Lighter weight:

The same lead-acid battery and lithium rv battery 100Ah, from the weight point of view, the lead-acid battery is relatively bulky. As a senior lithium rv battery manufacturer, Pytes has rich experience in this field. For RVs, they are generally used for long-distance travel. Of course, the lighter the weight, the better.

Compared with lead acid battery, lithium battery has obvious advantages in charging and discharging efficiency, power storage, volume and weight. Lithium battery with the same specifications is basically half the size of lead acid battery and only one-third the volume. Lithium battery has higher charging and discharging efficiency and longer service life, and the cost performance is also relatively high.

3. Long cycle life:

The cost of lithium battery is more expensive than AGM, but the longer life makes lithium battery worth the money. Lithium batteries can be recharged 4000 times and retain 80% of their original capacity, while the best deep cycle AGM batteries usually only cycle 500-1000 times.

4. High current output:

Lithium batteries can be discharged at high current rates without losing Ah capacity, while lead-acid batteries can be reduced to 40% of the Ah rating at high discharge rates. This means that lithium battery packs are much better at powering high current loads like microwave ovens or air conditioners.

5. Fast charging:

Lithium battery can be charged quickly to full capacity because it can reach 0.5C, while lead-acid battery is only 0.2C. And the absorption mode is in the final stage of charging, not the typical 80% of lead-acid. This greatly reduces charging time.

It can be seen from the comparison that lithium rv battery has obvious advantages in terms of usable capacity, weight, cycle life, high current output and fast charging, so more and more people start to recommend lithium rv battery.