Inverter Guides
Inverter Guides


Only those who have been trained in the power system and have a good knowledge of the power system are allowed to operate. Always observe local safety regulations and the safety requirements listed below during the installation process.

Read the E-Box-48100R & Sol-Ark User Manuals before starting installation and operation.

Make sure that all batteries have been started, then running the inverter. To avoid battery shock by the in-rush current of the large capacitors of the inverter.

DIP Switch Settings

Notes: If multiple batteries connected in one battery group. Only the Master battery need to adjust the Dip Switch, keep other batteries in the default position. Please adjust the Dip Switch before powering on.

Communication Cable Connection

Notes: If multiple batteries connected in one battery group. Batteries need to be linked to each other via standard communication cables, Link 1 of the first battery to Link 0 of the next battery.

Inverter Settings

Confirm Inverter-Battery Communication

Battery Setting




Inverter Open-Loop Settings




Sol-Ark Monitoring w/Pytes

Wi-Fi(Via Cell Phone or computer)

A. Plug the Wi-Fi dongle into Sol-Ark

B. Using your device, look for an "EAP" network containing the last five (5) digits of the dongle S/N

C. Password: 12345678

D. Follow the instructions in Sol-Ark User Manual

Tutorial Video

Manual and Self-service services

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