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What are the characteristics of LFP Battery?

Aug. 2023

LFP Battery is a battery pack made of lithium iron phosphate material, where 48V LFP Battery refers to an LFP Battery with a rated output voltage of 48V, which is compared to 12V of ordinary dry batteries and 36V of lead-acid batteries.

Features of LFP Battery:

LFP Battery

1. High safety performance:

In the process of charging and discharging, it is not easy to explode and burn, and will not produce corrosive gases or liquids; and it has the characteristics of resistance to charging and high temperature, and can work normally even when the ambient temperature is as high as 150°C; Low discharge rate, long service life and other advantages.

2. Long cycle life:

Due to the characteristics of using the positive electrode active material as the positive electrode material, the battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged for many times. Generally, it can be cycled more than a thousand times under normal use conditions, and the battery has a long service life. At the same time, due to the special structure, there are no metal parts inside the battery core, which greatly reduces the probability of safety hazards caused by internal short circuits.

3. Green environmental protection:

LFP Battery has high energy characteristics so that it can effectively reduce the energy consumption in use and reduce the pollution and damage to the environment.

4. Wide application:

LFP batteries have high energy density and long life, and are suitable for power battery systems of electric vehicles. It can also be widely used in energy storage equipment, such as solar photovoltaic systems and wind power generation systems, and the like.